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We work with your team … not with your team’s performance!

Syncsyst is an organisational consultancy who works with leaders to promote a sustainable talent brand, a human centric approach to team cohesion and business creativity.

We look to pin down unspoken and unaddressed team dynamics that lead teams to past success. In many ways the organisation is like the human body – muscle cell regeneration is a key factor in athletic performance but only if it reaches an optimal rhythm: slow regeneration is suboptimal and fast regeneration may even be cancerous.

Past successes reveal the elements needed in the team.

The dynamics between the individuals within teams, between the teams within the organisation and between organisations within the economic environment are on a spectrum ranging from suboptimal uninvolved and lacking in cohesion to overly involved and conducive to burn-out.


All organisations rely on technology, the human is not replaced – the human designs the business solution along with the digital means to deliver it; human business creativity is not intended to be replaced by technology.

Is your organisation sustainable when it comes to the resources of human business creativity (focus and drive) available within your organisation?

At Syncsyst we believe that symptoms of burn-out and depression are the flipside of business creativity and team-cohesion. There are unspoken and unacknowledged dynamics within your organisation work in a very similar way to the way cell regeneration mechanisms in the body impact athletic performance: low rate of regeneration is not conducive to performance and high rate is simply cancerous. High performance requires a finely tuned healthy medium.

The individual is engaged in dynamics within their team, the team within the organisation and the organisation within the environment. The pattern of these dynamics has a certain pace the way one’s metabolism has a certain pace. At one end of the spectrum you have depression and burn-out (associated with high volume of work and tight deadlines), at the other end you have complete disengagement with the work and disintegration of the team whose attention and focus go somewhere else. If you want performance and business creativity, you have to strike the right balance.

It all started with being curious about why leaders often a variance in personal impact that cannot be traced back to skills and personality traits.

Successful professionals give up their careers, some linking this to health issues or life changing events. What caught my attention was that some were simply saying “I just don’t want this anymore”. I was repeatedly thinking to myself “Whaaaat! You put effort, hopes and dreams into this, wanting to give up cannot be as simple as this. There must be something that would have made the (right) commitment sustainable.

At Syncsyst we believe that business creativity is an enhancement on the focus and commitment to the work we do. What if what makes us disengage is just the flipside of what drives our creativity? If we only knew how to make our business creativity sustainable we would be up for a win-win game, the resources of human business creativity would be sustainable.

We address the people, not the problem.

We meet you where you are.

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Team Dynamics

We work with your team to identify dynamics and overcome bottleneck situations and difficulties in communication and performance. We design specific programmes to suit your communication style, your team’s needs, the specific of your organisation and the wider economic and cultural context of the day. I address the people, not the problem.

We work with people not with their problems!

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HCSG Program


The program works with leaders and their teams over 10-12 weekly (or fortnightly) sessions and aims to look at how teams work and identify the key areas of human-centric, sustainable growth in two ways:

Role consultancy – using a systems psychodynamic approach we work with leaders to identify key areas of human-centred, sustainable growth within themselves and their teams

Team consultancy – using the same approach I can work with teams (including the leader as one of the team) to identify key areas of human-centred, sustainable growth within the team.

To assess suitability for online or in-person work a 90min assessment session is advised.

Some teams would benefit from running this program remotely even after the Pandemic passes and life comes back to normal.